Paul Vespe

Independent Educational Consultant

Finding the most fitting school that enables a child to develop, learn and grow both academically and socially is an important and essential foundational element into adulthood. The process can be a mixture of excitement, challenges and can conceivably pose some stress.

As an Independent Educational Consultant I am dedicated to helping both the child and family navigate through these challenges and aim to secure the most ideal fit within an educational scope.

With a strong background in education, specifically a BA in English from the University of Connecticut, an MA in Special Education and Teaching, and Certificate of Advanced Study in Special Education and Teaching, both from Fairfield University, I am committed to bettering the future of each child and fostering growth and development. Using the experiences gained from my academic achievements as well as invaluable practice during my time as an educator, I feel confident that given the opportunity I will be able to assist you and your child towards the right path for your unique needs. I look forward to the opportunity to connect with you to help your child succeed.

PSV Learning, LLC. does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, citizenship, ethnic or national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, in providing its services.



Educational Consulting

Identify your child’s needs and goals through review and evaluation of school records, evaluations and information garnered from an intake session. Then, prepare a suggested list of schools, facilitate visits and assist with monitoring application process, coordination of testing, assessment of acceptances and review financial aid assistance.

Identify your child’s needs, goals and expectations. Provide assistance with test preparation, guidance on admissions essay and finding the college that provides the most ideal fit both academically and financially. Additional assistance with financial aid forms and scholarship finder.

If your child is uncertain on the next step after graduation, with research and planning a guide can be designed for a semester or year that is both a great learning experience and enjoyable, by identifying several potential avenues:

  • Travel – identify organizations that offer programs with an emphasis on traveling or living abroad
  • Internships – identify your child’s interests and fields of study and help best align with a company to further explore this area of interest
  • Volunteer Work – identify various programs both in the US and globally such as working with children, environmental projects, etc.
  • Academics (Postgraduate Year) – Provide assistance to your child on strengthening his/her academic record and preparation for entrance into college

Are you moving? Provide assistance with finding the right fit for your child, a place where he/she will thrive and flourish. Survey surrounding environment, align parents with schools in radius to obtain detailed curriculum information to properly inform of studies in advance and provide a better comfort level with transition.

With a vast background in special education and school placement services, together, we employ a comprehensive and effective document review of all pertinent data and provide a comprehensive list of schools for the student with a Learning Difference. With an emphasis on Team, an appropriate school fit can be made thus promoting student growth.

For students and families that may need a different type of setting. Together, as a team, we make informed decisions as to the child’s current and academic future.  With effective planning and research the right school fit and setting can be obtained to have the student reclaim their individuality and character.

Secondary Services

Academic tutoring with the use of embedded executive functioning coaching can be an effective component to the success of the student. Together, we develop, plans, strategies and systems to help the student navigate the rigors of academics all the while accomplishing the five paragraph essay or a tough set of math problems.

For the families who need advice, consultation or navigation with the special education process. No question is too small.

Provide motivation and assistance on writing an effective college and supplemental application essay thus building upon the writing skills needed for academic success

A comprehensive review of academic records, evaluations and recommendations to help guide and navigate

Identify your child’s goals through evaluation, focus on initiation, planning process, organizing of applications and materials, helping your child develop a step-by-step achievable plan through long and short-term goal setting, monitor progress, all the while motivating the student to develop skills necessary to be successful


  • Independent Educational
    Consultants Association

  • National Association of
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  • The Association
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  • Council for
    Exceptional Children

  • Small Boarding
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  • The National
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